Ongoing Development at Grey’s Funeral Home

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Here at Grey’s funeral home Templemore, as part of our ongoing continuous development we have just taken delivery of a new Deacon Hybrid hearse, one of the first funeral homes in Ireland to do so. Earlier this year we purchased a new Mondeo private ambulance and the new hybrid hearse is the continuation of our development policy. Our outdoor lighting was part of a major plan this year and the installation of €25,000 worth of street lights on our existing 100 space private car park has proved to be a serious asset to our business. Our indoor lighting has been replaced with led lights and like the outdoor ones more efficient and eco-friendly. All air conditioning units are now completely updated after an injection of over €30,000 bringing them up to a very high standard of eco-friendly and economic electricity consumption.

This is all part on our continues development plan implemented here in Grey’s, trying to keep respect for tradition with regard for change. Ongoing development at Grey’s Funeral Home.

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