Keohane’s Receive 182 – Launching the Hybrid Hearse in Cork

From all at Byrne Coachbuilders we would like to wish all of the Team in Keohane’s Funeral Home continued growth and success as they keep progressing with this new addition in the Deacon V Hybrid Hearse.

Keohane’s Funeral Directors is a family run business in Cork with funeral homes in Copley St and Old Youghal Rd, Mayfield, Cork. The business is run by its founder John Keohane and with the help of his family they provide a dignified and supportive funeral service in Cork.

The new arrival of the Ford Deacon Hybrid Hearse is a welcome addition to our fleet, this will provide our family’s with eco-friendly funeral procession. John feels it is the right decision to try and be more environmentally conscious in our funeral homes, with this in mind we feel it is a good start putting the Hybrid Hearse into service. Ford  has a long tradition going back in Cork over the last 100 years  and continuing on this with them it is nice to be able to bring the first Ford Hybrid Hearse into service in Cork in  Henry Ford’s favourite colour black.

We believe that we are trying to make our contribution to reducing our carbon foot print, we are also looking at ways to reduce our carbon print in our funeral homes with the introduction of solar panels for heating and LV panels for running our power demands in our funeral homes.

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