Going Out In Style With Ireland's First Hybrid Hearse

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Never has there been a more important time to show a responsibility to the planet and Mother Earth. At Byrne Coachcraft of Dundalk we have proudly introduced to the fleet a Ford Vehicle which meets the needs of a greener planet, assisting both those who are with us and for those who have passed on. Hybrid Electric Vehicles are the most popular of the ‘electric’ models available as they neatly bridge the gap between traditional internal combustion engines and electric motors without the ‘range anxiety’ that some motorists feel in relation to ‘full electric’ vehicles.

With over three generations’ experience in coach building and providing bespoke funeral vehicles to the funeral trade we are proud to say we are exclusively the first in the world to provide the Ford Deacon Hybrid Hearse and courtesy vehicle, the Ford Deacon Supreme. The Partnership that we have with Ford is one forged in longevity, commitment and support. This partnership has allowed us to deliver quality products through the generations without compromise. The innovation and development embarked on over the past two years has delivered an exceptionally user friendly Hearse to the trade and now with Ford suppling a Vignale Hybrid, the partnership has evolved.

Paul O’Sullivan, Director of Sales for Ford Ireland, said: “The new Mondeo HEV is the ideal vehicle to serve as a hearse, with the sleek looks of the latest version of the much-loved Mondeo, it is an attractive vehicle and with its dual electric and petrol engine, it can be depended upon to provide a quiet and smooth ride in the sensitive context of a


The Deacon V Hybrid was made for the Undertaker. Technology such as E. P. G. enables the delivery of a noiseless approach and departure which revolutionizes the way the Funeral Director conducts his business and funeral proceedings. The eradication of nasty fumes for those in the funeral procession is another milestone. The deceased can now be laid to rest in a way that was never possible before. The Deacon V Hybrid enables the family to hold true to the beliefs and the wishes of their passed loved ones in providing the most eco friendly funeral services possible. The statement the Deacon Hybrid makes to the procession is a symbol of the importance of the environment that we live in and a lasting message that the deceased is able to instill in people.

In the hustle and bustle of today’s society, some time is needed, not simply to run with the norm. Be true to who you are and what you believe. There is no stronger message than the deceased having an eco-friendly funeral in their final journey in life. The supply of the Deacon V Hybrid, and the Deacon supreme, the Duel Hybrid system, is a commitment to containing your carbon foot print. With various methods of buying, leasing or hiring these vehicles, Byrne Coachcraft are keen to talk business.

Contact Byrne Coach Builders on (042) 93 34631 or email on info@byrnecoachbuilders.ie.

To view a video of the Deacon V Hybrid visit http://www.byrnecoachbuilders.ie/

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