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Byrne Coachbuilding is an third generation owned and operated coachbuilding business located in Dundalk since 1972. We pride ourselves in the tradition and the quality of our craftsmanship while providing outstanding customer service to our customers across the island of Ireland.

We operate in a purpose built industrial unit comprising of 10,000 sq ft production floor which includes a 1500 sq ft approved paint booth. Over the years we have converted many vehicles including Rolls Royce, Volvo, Mercedes & Ford. In 2012 we reached an important milestone of manufacturing and delivered the 100th Ford Mondeo Hearse.

In 2012 Byrne Coach Builders established Engineered Composites Ltd. Since its establishment we have won significant contracts across Europe. Our expert staff have vast experience in developing and delivering customer products from concept to prototype.

2015 has seen further development in our business. We are now a fully authorised agent for Coleman Milne which further expands our range to supply top marque vehicles to the Irish market. We have also started the development and design of the new Ford Mondeo which we hope to release to the Irish Market in early 2017.

Byrne Coachbuilders launched the fd the Ford Deacon Hearse which was launched on the 6th March 2017. This follows an engineering design process by our vastly experienced engineering team. We are very happy with the outcome and we have through our engineering efforts maintained the integrity of the original Ford design. We welcome our Customers to visit us online or at our plant in Dundalk to view the “Deacon”.

2017 yet another positive development, in July 2017 we appointed an agent to cover sales throughout the UK. Archbold Carshop Ltd are Ford dealers based in Morley, Leeds UK. Initial feedback from the UK is there has been a very positive response to the Deacon with several inquires already made.

2018 we launched the First Ford Hybrid hearse in the world. This was a very important step in the future of Eco friendly Funerals. These types of Funerals are getting very popular by the general public, as your carbon footprint and the Earths eco systems are in everyone s thoughts. Now the funeral director can offer an Eco or Green funeral, as in Green coffins , green Graveyards and now Eco or hybrid Deacon hearses. Another first for Byrne Coachbuilders.